In light of COVID-19, we were foced to put our in-person events, retreats + conference on hold - and instead, decided to take our community online. Welcome to grlpwrbloom: a month-to-month virtual program centered around growth + wellness during uncertain times.

These are trying times, you are adjusting to your new normal, attempting to get a grasp on the COVID-19 updates as they are constantly changing, and are quarantined from friends, sometimes family. We know that seeing past the present state seems almost impossible, but we are here to shed some light on the situation we are all facing with the COVID-19 outbreak and isolation. 

grlpwrbloom: a month-to-month virtual program centered around growth + wellness during uncertain times

We are here to provide that same grlpwr community you love, and connections to heal, re-center and flourish. Get ready for a speaker series, Coffee + Convos meetups, weekly happy hours, Self-Love Sunday events, educational workshops, Netflix + Chill nights, home workouts, cooking segments, at-home DIYs + so much more - all from the comfort of your own home.

Each part of this programming is designed to play a role in your growth through this uncertain time - whether that means learning how to make a fun dish, or diving into a workshop on positive mindset. We're here for you, grl, and we will get through this, together.

Ready to dive in? Get access to the entire month of June's programming of workshops, speakers + activations, including their playbacks, by securing a bundle. That's 10 workshops + virtual sessions to assist in your growth during this time. All workshops + speakers are otherwise individually priced at $9/virtual event. 
*Q2 + 2020 members, you have access to entire virtual programming


secure the bundle + save some money

thursday 5/28

10 Ways to Dress Like a Sustainable Fashion Pro w/ Robyn Davies
7pm EST

Join Remake to learn about fashion’s impact on people and the planet and how you can reset your relationship with clothes to create a positive relationship with fashion, one that puts people and the planet first. You’ll hear from Remake Partnership Manager and conscious stylist Robyn Davies, who’ll share the story of our clothes and the makers, and discuss 10 ways we still enjoy and participate in fashion, while also supporting women and the environment.


tuesday 6/2

Simple Summer Centerpieces w/ Eileen + Amanda Cowan
7pm EST

Join grlpwrprojects founder, Amanda Cowan, and her mom aka resident grlpwrpgh florist, for a fun + interactive, hands-on workshop.

Eileen will be demonstrating how to turn a bundle of Trader Joe's flower bunches into two beautiful summer centerpieces, for only $15.


thursday 6/11

Finding Inner Peace Through Conscious Living w/ Nathalie Montenegro 
7pm ESt

Whether you’re trying to find some peace throughout these crazy times or have become tired of feeling like you’re surrounded by negativity, this workshop can help you make simple every day lifestyle changes to live a more aligned life. Nathalie will share her own journey of living more consciously through changes such as what we watch, or what we eat, and talk about the importance of bringing awareness to the impacts of our everyday choices. Be sure to bring a pen and journal to work through some reflective prompts!



the community is warm + welcoming. it is so great to share my thoughts, and be so supported.

i am always so inspired by the grlpwrprojects and the offering i have found through this group.

face-to-face friendships are something we all need. I am so thankful for grlpwrprojects.

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