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2020 schedule of events + monthly themes

2/25 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon

2/25 Women in the Workplace : Relationships with Co-Workers + Team Members @ Pittsburgh House of Oils 6-8pm

3/7 Mindful Mamas: The Magic + Mess of Motherhood @ Pittsburgh House of Oils 2-4pm

3/8 Read + Watch Club: The Big Life @ Carnegie Coffee Company 10am-noon

3/11 Happy Hour @ Bier's Pub 6-8pm
Running a Brick + Mortar: Hosted by Tori Riapos,
grlpwrpgh Ambassador + Owner of Lynn & Barrett

3/31 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon

3/31 Let's Talk Money, Honey: Finance Workshop @ Victoria's Mobile Flower Shop 6-8pm

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4/8 Happy Hour @ Station 6-8pm
The Importance of Sharing Your Story: Hosted by Kristine Irwin
Founder of Voices of Hope

4/14 Coffee + Convos: Sharing Your Story Through Personal Branding @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon

4/26 Conquer Your Queendom Conference @ Flashlight Factory 10am-7pm

5/13 Happy Hour @ Walter's BBQ 6-8pm
Mental Health: Hosted by Ashleigh Bowling
grlpwrpgh Ambassador + Busy Bee in the City Blog

5/26 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon

5/30 Mindful Mamas: Mental Health Check In @ TBA 10am-noon

5/31 Self-Love Sunday: The Fest @ Bay41 12-5pm

6/7 Read + Watch Club @ Adda Coffee & Tea Northside 10-1130am

6/10 Happy Hour @ TBA 6-8pm
Baby I Was Born This Way: Hosted by LeeAnn Stromyer
grlpwrprojects Photographer + Owner of LeeAnn K Photography

6/17 grlpwrwlns Burpees + Brews: Pride Arobics with Coach Tera @ TBA 6-8pm

6/23 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon


7/8 Happy Hour @ Station 6-8pm
Body Positivity: Hosted by Adrea Sustarcic
grlpwrpgh Ambassador + Marketing Expert

7/14 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon

7/18 Urban Hike to Pittsburgh Pride Parade 

7/30 Self-Love Sessions: Body Love @ TBA 6-8pm

8/12 Happy Hour @ TBA 6-8pm
Holistic Happy Hour: Hosted by Tera Geishauser
grlpwrwlns Partner + Wellness Coach

8/22 Mindful Mamas: Wellness For Your Minis @ TBA 10am-noon

8/25 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon

8/26 grlpwrwlns Farm-to-Table Made Easy  @ Root & Heart Farm 6-8pm

9/9 Happy Hour @ Federal Galley 6-8pm
Loving (All Of) You: Hosted by Ta'lor Pinkston
grlpwrpgh Ambassador + The Heart Advocate

9/20 Self-Love Sessions: Simple Self-Care Practices @ TBA 6-8pm

9/27 Read + Watch Club: @ Carnegie Coffee 10-1130am

9/29 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon


10/6  Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon

10/14 Happy Hour @ Station 6-8pm
Theme TBA: Hosted by Erin Butler
grlpwrpgh Ambassador

10/28 Women in the Workplace: Asking for a Raise @ TBA 6-8pm

11/3 Monthly Happy Hour @ TBA 6-?
Election Watch Party: Hosted by Chardae Jones
grlpwrpgh Ambassador + Mayor of Braddock

11/22 Read + Watch Club: Dream, Girl Discussion @ Adda Coffee + Tea Northside 10-1130am

11/24 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon

11/24 Event TBA @ TBA 6-8pm


12/5 Mindful Mamas: Theme TBA @ TBA 10am-noon

12/9 Monthly Happy Hour @ TBA
Theme TBA: Hosted by Lauren Kucic

12/13 grlpwrpgh Holiday Party @ TBA 12-2pm

12/15 Coffee + Convos: Theme TBA @ Ace Hotel 1030am-noon


Welcome to grlpwrpgh - a grlpwrprojects city collective in Pittsburgh, PA! We're seriously SO glad you're here. Our membership feature gives you the opportunity to get even more involved with your city collective. Memberships run quarterly (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December). Members get exclusive access to all things grlpwrpgh + more intimate events and collaboration opportunities.

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Amanda Cowan
glrpwrpgh City Lead

Founder of grlpwrprojects, work-from-home + stay-at-home mama, publicist, traveler. Lover of Bravo TV, prosecco and cultivating a space for women seeking community.

LeeAnn Stromyer
PGH Photographer
Owner of LeeAnn K Photography

Ta'lor Pinkston
grlpwrpgh Ambassador
AKA The Heart Advocate. I’m here for your heart, not the bullshit. I’m dedicated to your self-worth, your mental health, and your Healing Over Everything. 

Devan Mercurio
grlpwrpgh Ambassador

Peachie Wimbush
grlpwrpgh Ambassador

Tori Riapos
grlpwrpgh Ambassador
Owner of Lynn & Barrett, 

Victoria Smith
grlpwrpgh Ambassador
Owner of Victoria's Mobile Flower Shop,

meet our team of pittsburgh ladies!

Adrea Sustarsic
grlpwrpgh Ambassador
You like me better high, you just don't know it. Also, you're doing great girl. <3

Erin Butler
grlpwrpgh Ambassador
Finding joy daily in plants, coffee, my dog & leggings. I peel back the layers of myself & share to empower you to do the same. ♡

Ashleigh Bowling
grlpwrpgh Ambassador + PGH Content Manager
Digital marketer and mental health advocate obsessed with belly laughs and inside jokes. Coffee is a necessity and nap time is added into my weekly to-do list. I have an equal love for pizza, group exercise classes, social media, and marathoning (Netflix and running 26.2 miles). 

Alycia Washington
grlpwrpgh Ambassador
Social worker, spiritual activist and an artist who provides informative resources, creativity and programming to children and families to strengthen their quality of life. Also founder of pAint No Stress.

Lauren Kucic
grlpwrpgh Ambassador
Creator and voice of Burghologie — a local lifestyle blog dedicated to finding the best things to eat, drink, and do around the city. Foodie, caffeine addict, amateur photographer, animal-lover, and overall Pittsburgh enthusiast. You'll find me around town sipping on a beer, getting some work done at a local coffee shop, or exploring a new neighborhood with my camera in tow.

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