To be honest, the word "networking" makes us feel icky. We're not here to slap on nametags + hand out biz cards. We are not a networking group. We're here to curate genuine friendships, and grow -- together.

grlpwrprojects is an intentional + inclusive space for women seeking growth, friendship + adventure - no matter what stage of life you are in. Join us for an in-person event with one of our 10+ city collectives around the United States, online with our virtual program [grlpwrbloom], or in nature with our outdoor collective [grlpwrwild]. Come as you are, there's a place for you here.

No one tells you how difficult life can be as a post-grad, business owner, a mama, new city transplant - or simply, a womxn. And let's be real, making true female friendships as an adult is hard AF. 

We’ve found that life can be especially tough when you don’t have a group of encouraging grls building you up + pushing you forward. A group where you can be yourself, feel welcome and truly cultivate real relationships. A group where you can be surrounded by womxn who are all seeking growth, but who have journeyed down different paths in life, with stories to share from their unique experiences. 

for intentional friendships + growth

ditching the nametags + biz cards

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