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So, we’re 6 months into a global pandemic and gathering indoors for conversation + connection is not happening for the remainder of the year — and we're okay with that!

If you know our founder IRL, you know Amanda loves a good adventure. Being outdoors, slowing down and disconnecting has come to be one of her favorite forms of self-care — whether that be sitting on her deck for an hour in the morning, camping in the woods for the weekend or heading out on the river to raft some class 5 rapids. The outdoors brings clarity, and we know that it can also bring community + connection — so here we are!

Through grlpwrwild, we host outdoor gatherings around the country ranging from camping + hiking, biking + snowshoeing, skiing to white water rafting - and so much more.

The fun part? We’re getting jackets, and you have the opportunity to earn patches! Think of it as grlscouts for grownups! At each adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 3 patches. Learn to build a fire, participate in a campfire cocktail class, hike a specific trail leading to a view, pee in the woods for the entirety of a trip (kidding, kinda). Earn 10 patches, get a complimentary adventure, because grl — you earned it.

Each trip has 15 spots open, so that attendees are able to social distance while still connecting. Camping trips include food+beverage for the weekend, campsite, swag bags, materials for campsite activities and firewood to keep the fire burnin'.

Whether you're getting into your element or stepping out of your comfort zone, there's a place for you on our grlpwrwild adventures.

or those simply looking to step out of their comfort zone?

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