No one tells you how difficult life can be as a post-grad, an entrepreneur, a mama, a new city transplant - or simply a woman. We’ve found that life can be especially tough when you don’t have a group of encouraging gals building you up + pushing you forward. A group where you can be yourself, feel welcome and truly cultivate real relationships. A group where you can be surrounded by like-minded people. grlpwrprojects has created a community where we tackle all of the above.

Each city collective is a curated space for women seeking community. Join us for networking, collaboration, getting inspired + sharing your story through events + workshops, body-positive photo shoots, yearly conferences, Self-Love Sunday festivals, mini masterminds + coffee chats, a private Facebook group with over 2K like-minded women + more. Find your city and click for more information + event dates for that collective. Don't see your city? Bring grlpwrprojects to your town by applying for one of our City Team Roles. We look forward to connecting with you. Let's make some magic!

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grlpwrprojects started in PGH in 2017, when after a year or so of trying to find her niche of business chicks in Pittsburgh, and coming up empty, Amanda Cowan (founder) decided to create something of her own. grlpwrpgh was an idea that quickly came to life with the help with a little encouragement and a big dream of bringing women together for good.

Let's set this straight - we aren't your stereotypical networking event. We don't do the nametags, biz cards and handshakes. We prefer hands on activations, deep conversations and hugging it out.

We thrive on connection and hearing inspiring stories of others, and we do this through events + workshops, yearly conferences, weekend retreats + staycations, volunteer opportunities + more. Ready to join in on the love?

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We'd love to hear from you! Want to bring grlpwr to your city, have an idea for an event, interested in collaborating or simply want to meet up for coffee or a cocktail? Drop us a line!

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