grlpwrprojects is a collaborative of city-based collectives, conferences + creative resources for women seeking community. Our city-collectives are to network, collaborate, get inspired + share your story. We're for the stay-at-home mamas and the CEOs, the startup entrepreneurs and the retired ladies - no matter what stage in life, you have a place in our circle.

grlpwrprojects started in PGH in 2017, when after a year or so of trying to find her niche of business chicks in Pittsburgh, and coming up empty, Amanda Cowan (founder) decided to create something of her own. grlpwrpgh was an idea that quickly came to life with the help with a little encouragement and a big dream of bringing women together for good.

Let's be real - we're throwing out the nametags and business cards. We thrive on real connection and friendship. Come join us for an event - we promise that you'll make a friend, maybe even one that will last a lifetime. We have true stories to prove it ;)

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Meet Amanda - PGH- based creative, mama to Willow Mae + founder of grlpwrprojects. After giving birth to both her daughter, Willow Mae, and her first business, A.FAYE PR - a boutique PR + marketing agency, within a few months of each other, Amanda realized that life as a work-from-home stay-at-home mama was a lonely one. She found herself craving connection with other like-minded women, but knew how difficult it was to make friends as an adult female.

While researching for women's groups in Pittsburgh to network + meet other women, she noticed they were either very industry-focused or too nichey for what she was hoping for. She craved a community where women of all walks of life could come together - whether you were a stay-at-home mom or a 9-5 corporate hustler. With no luck in the city of Pittsburgh, realizing there was nothing like what she was searching for, she created it. grlpwrpgh was born in October 2017 and she hasn't stopped it's growth since.

When not running biz at grlpwrprojects + A.FAYE PR, you can find Amanda traveling with her bearded man and their daughter, binge-watching Bravo shows with a glass of prosecco in hand, or cozied up in a corner of her favorite brewery or coffee shop in Pittsburgh. A recovering people pleaser, you'll rarely find Amanda in anything but comfy leggings and a sweater, and she likely hasn't washed her hair in 5 days. That's just how we roll around here. So - if you're real, raw and have a craving for intimate conversations + intentional events, you're in the right space. Amanda can't wait to connect with you.

No one tells you how difficult life can be as a post-grad, an entrepreneur, a mama, a new city transplant - or simply a woman. We’ve found that life can be especially tough when you don’t have a group of encouraging gals building you up + pushing you forward. A group where you can be yourself, feel welcome and truly cultivate real relationships. A group where you can be surrounded by like-minded people.

grlpwrprojects has created a community where we tackle all of the above. Our membership feature gives you the opportunity to get even more involved with your city collective.

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