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No one tells you how difficult life can be as a post-grad, business owner, a mama, new city transplant - or simply, a woman. And let's be real, making real female friendships as an adult is hard AF. 

We’ve found that life can be especially tough when you don’t have a group of encouraging gals building you up + pushing you forward. A group where you can be yourself, feel welcome and truly cultivate real relationships. A group where you can be surrounded by women who are all seeking growth, but who have journeyed down different paths in life, with stories to share from their unique experiences. 

To be honest, the word "networking" makes us feel icky. We're not here to slap on nametags + hand out biz cards. We are not a networking group. We're here to curate genuine friendships, and grow -- together.

grlpwrprojects is an intentional + inclusive space for women seeking growth, friendship + adventure - no matter what stage of life you are in. Join us for an in-person event with one of our 10+ city collectives around the United States, online with our virtual program [grlpwrbloom], or in nature with our outdoor collective [grlpwrwild]. Come as you are, there's a place for you here.

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where the magic began

Shortly after having her daughter, Willow + branching out on her own in freelance PR + marketing, Amanda realized that the work-from-home stay-at-home mama life was a lonely one. With friends spread across the country, she found herself craving connection, community + interaction with women seeking growth themselves. 

While digging deep for women's groups in Pittsburgh, she found they were all either very industry focused or nichey - not her jam. Where were the spaces that welcomed all women, of all walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicities, industries? In Pittsburgh, it was no where to be found - so she created it.

grlpwrprojects' first city collective was born in 2017 with the launch of grlpwrpgh. What started simply as monthly happy hours, quickly developed into programming that included curated experiences for women to gather together + create meaningful and lasting friendships. 

The collective became a safe space, a place to laugh and cry, a place to spill your heart and be heard - and most importantly, a place to call home for so many women in the city of Pittsburgh.

Just under two years after launching grlpwrpgh, Amanda decided to take the leap to launch in another city, this time across the state in Philadelphia. grlpwrphl was born in August 2019, followed by grlpwrcle in Cleveland, Ohio at the start of 2020.

Now, as we head into fall 2020 and gear up to celebrate our third birthday, we are excited to be expanding this community to 10+ new cities across the country. Looking for a sign to find that supportive group of women you've been searching high and low for? Here it is. Find a grlpwrprojects collective in a city near you, or drop us a message to find out how to bring us to your town. Ready to make some magic, ladies?

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Welcome to grlpwrprojects - an intentional + inclusive space for women seeking growth, friendship + adventure.